Dancer, choreographer and master teacher, Aziza Abdul Ridha (president of the association
“Centro studi Danza Musica e Cultura Orientale AZIZA®”) has dedicated all her life to the
It’s more than 20 years that she has become a reference point for oriental dance in Italy and
The first important step she moved towards this career was made in New York, where she was
examined form the master Ibrahim Farrah.
Her horizons in learning have always been very huge: she has reached her unique style
studying with the greatest teachers in the world.
One of the most important figures in her artistic career has been (and is now) Dr. Mo Geddawi,
considered as her artistic father and who has recently defined her “THE QUEEN OF THE
DRUMS”, to underline her unique energy in drum solo interpretation.
Aziza is an eclectic artist and her agenda is always full. She’s been a guest in the major world
festivals, in all continents: Argentina, Brazil, Korea, France, Spain, Swiss, Slovenia, Czech
Republic, Germany, Russia…
In Italy, she delivers professional courses in many schools and has created her own format to
certify teachers from Centro Aziza.
Since many yeasr, she’s the only Italian master teacher at Cairo Ahlan wa Sahlan festival,
organized by Raqia Hassan and where, in July 2011, she was invited to dance during the
prestigious Closing Gala, with the greatest world stars.
Recently, she’s been invited from Turin Academy of Fine Arts to give a conference for the
senior year students.
In her Centre in Turin, there are now more than 400 students, every one with a different story
and reason, to have the possibility to learn from the greatest master in Italy.
Aziza is director, creator and choreographer of many shows, that received the general consent
of the audience and the critique.
She is the director also of a great event: the first Italian International Festival of Oriental
Dance, Music and Culture “Stelle d’Oriente”, which in March 2011 has reached its 10th edition.
“…this dance gives you the possibility to express yourself and, far from men’s look, as it
happens in Arabic women’s parties, to discover your body and leave the femininity grow,
unchaining from our stereotypes of perfection and body shape”.
Aziza has started studying ballet at the age of 4, in the most prestigious schools (as Bella
Hutter and Loredana Furno’s ones). She graduated at Montecarlo Marika Besobrasova’s
Academy, than in Visual Art and Show Disciplines at Turin Academy of Fine Arts with a thesis
(which was presented all around Europe) in Show Direction and a specialization in Set Design
and Costumes.
Before focusing on Oriental Dance, she studied also afro, jazz, flamenco, acting and much